Solidarity with poor children of Hoi An

Friendly shop solidarité

Each year, at the moment of the “Tet” (Vietnamese New Year), we offer new clothes and shoes to the poor children of Hoi An. This targeted action has been implemented in collaboration with the French Association “Children of Vietnam”, which helps more than 2.000 children in the whole country.
Although the town of Hoi An has become a high touristic place, there are still many poor families, just a few miles from the Old City away. It is traditional to buy new clothes and shoes to start the New Year. That's why “Friendly Shop” closes for a morning to take the kids to do their own shopping. You can see some pictures on our facebook.

Enfants du Vietnam

About “Children of Vietnam”:

This association, founded in 1999, helps more than 2.000 poor children throughout Vietnam. Through different programs and buildings (schools, orphanages ...), this association has changed the lives of many Vietnamese families. You can also help children from your country.
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