Leather and suede for your shoes

chaussures sur mesure

We specialize in leather and suede, but we have other fabrics such as wool, silk, satin, cotton or even plastic.

We buy the material directly from the manufacturer which ensures excellent quality and durability for the shoes that we sell.

Although our leather is cheaper than in most countries, prices of leather and suede (manufactured in Ho Chi Minh) increase each year. This is why prices may vary from time to time.



We have a wide variety of leather and suede (leather, patent leather, shiny leather, washed Leather). The leather comes from cow skin mostly.


We have about 200 colors of leather and suede


Each pair of shoes require several pieces of leather (30x30 cm)

Classic shoes (men, women): 3 pieces
Sandals: 2 pieces
Boots: 6 to 10 pieces
Handbags: 10 to 20 pieces

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Shoes sole many colour